The Healing With Yamel YouTube Channel and our iShareHow Knowledge Journal (Think Tank) discuss ideas, principles, and law to offer unparalleled analysis and enlightenment derived from comprehensive deep dives into divine principles of Family, Truth (Philosophy & Enlightenment), Peace (Love), Spirituality, Balanced Awakening, Law (Statutes & Commandments), and Science (Technology & Math).

We believe cooperative technologies will foster innovation to effectively contest and engage in counter influence to defend Moors national interests and degrade the effectiveness of ideologies that counter our divine principles.

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Info Security Analysis

business intelligence services allow our clients to get their data collected, processed and presented to them an in-depth manor for their crucial business needs.

Managed Solutions

for Cyber & IT and Engineered works to enhance your enterprise’s performance.

Cyber Security

As a partner, we will leverage our analyst to help accelerate your security decision-making.

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Build a 4U Rack Mount 7 GPU Mining Rig

iShare.How: Purchase one of our Rigs today! In this video, I show you how to DIY build a Rosewill GPU Miner (UnBoxing and Redesign). Check wallet address stats

How To Make A Welded Hydroponics Stand During last year's build, I learned some very valuable lessons that contributed to my inspiration for...

HackTheBox WRITEUP Popcorn

The next endpoint in our HTB writeup series is Popcorn, a medium box that is retired but also very OSCP-like. After running...

Solution for hydroponically developed crops

This clever DIY build produces a steady crop of both sprouts and fully developed crops hydroponically.

Beginner Guide To Mining

Getting Started Welcome to the beginner's guide to getting started mining. I am making this to have a running document of everything that I have...

DIY Overland Adventure Trailer Build DIY Adventure Trailer + Tesla #VanLife #TeslaLife #spiritual #CampingASMR #Soundbowl

iShare.How SteemIT Blog

Check out our iShare Knowledge SteemIT blog! The iShare.How knowledge journal covers topics area like Forex trading, technology, marketing, web design, YouTube Video creation, in...

DIY Microgreens

Fresh Garden Produce with Microgreens… All Year Long Watch as we teach your...

Setup Tour of our Podcast & Videocast iShare Studio Tour (gear I use to make videos) Stuff in my studio:

Is the CarlinKit 3.0 the better than the Hanshow wireless Apple CarPlay adapter?

With the Hanshow wireless zlink device we must first install it. Check out my video attached for the install guide.
iam @JamelEliYah the Managing Director

Content Management

We engineer Content Management Solutions (CMS) for business owners and content creators to achieve lasting success. Using WordPress management solutions to build your business/brand will boost growth, distribution, and syndication. We help you recognize the right CMS tools for online shopping, affiliate marketing, forums, blogs, polls/surveys, and more.

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