DIY Microgreens


Fresh Garden Produce with Microgreens… All Year Long

Watch as we teach your how simple it is to grow healthy. We are growing cabbage, radish, mustard seed, arugula, and many more varieties. The baby sprouts are normally harvest in less than 10 days depending on the variety. Many seeds you can lengthen their light cycle have them growing much faster. Since, with microgreens you starve them from light 3-4 days the have much longer and stronger stems. Their stems and micro baby leaves contain flavors that are usually much more intense than the full grown vegetable.


Microgreens are garden plants that are at an early stage of development and harvested at that point. The best way to understand them is to compare various stages of plant development:

  • Seed – A seed is the ‘embryo in stasis’ stage of a plant. It is the next generation of the species in waiting.
  • Germination – When the conditions are right (water, temperature, etc) the seed to springs to life and begins to grow.
  • Sprout – A sprout is the stage of plant life immediately after germination. The root tail has emerged from the seed, and the first hints of leaves will soon begin to show, but they haven’t opened yet. The sprout stage is typically 1 to 3 days after germination. Learn more about sprouts and sprouting.
  • Microgreens – Microgreens are juvenile plants that have “starter leaves” called cotyledons. A cotyledons isn’t a true leaf (hey, that’s the name of our company…). True leaves will emerge after the cotyledons and characterize the mature plant. Many plants have similar looking cotyledons in the microgreen stage. The duration of the microgreen stage starts when the cotyledons open (after the sprout stage) up until the point where the plant’s true leaves begin to emerge. This typically lasts between 3 to 12 days after germination, but can be a little shorter or longer depending on the variety of plant. Radish is a little shorter, and Cilantro is a little longer, for example.
  • Mature Plant – Once the true leaves have emerged, the plant has left the microgreens stage and is headed to maturity and eventual harvest.
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