iShare Enterprise Scale Cyber Solutions

iShare Solutions is a disadvantaged and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business, with a focus on cybersecurity and IT for the Intelligence/Military/Civil Communities. We are a strategic consulting firm focused on the development, deployment, and support of advanced analytic solutions, – driven by solutions and focused on results as we help our customers achieve mission success.

Our Services

Info Security Analysis

For the security of your IP, it is important to close data vulnerabilities and defend information with a capable analysis. Our cyber analysis service ingests & models data with the goal of identifying useful data, suggesting conclusions, and bridging the gap between Cloud & IT needs. As a partner, we will leverage our analyst to help accelerate your security decision-making.

IT Project Management

iShare uses its 20 years of IT expertise to provide Project Management Solutions for Cyber & IT, Digital Intelligence, Data Science, and Info Assurance to enhance your enterprise's performance. Included in our provisioned solutions shall be the cost of any services required to service a 24/7/365 help desk, as requested by customer.


Our pentesting & bug bounty hunting toolkits are the right solutions for interactive scoping of your network, automated vulnerability scanning and manual weakness testing. iShare Solutions will provide individually prepared reports with the right context to avoid costly data breaches. We deliver reports that can be manipulated with Python APIs & Jupyter Webhooks to allow analysts maximum control of dataframes for real time analysis.