Is the CarlinKit 3.0 the better than the Hanshow wireless Apple CarPlay adapter?


With the Hanshow wireless zlink device we must first install it. Check out my video attached for the install guide.

The device does require installation and start price is around $400 but what you get for the money dwarfs any other current offering. Let’s get into why! I’m referring, after all, to the fact that your new Tesla automobile now has a behind steering wheel speed and Apple Car play display. 

The device does have a dedicated USB A port to wire if you prefer, I prefer it. Some owners must plug in a cable with the intention to use Apple CarPlay and because of the way the Tesla works I’d suggest you stick with the cable. The reason is because the Tesla will frequently turn itself on when your phone is not in connecting distance. The Hanshow will then try and connect to the phone.It will then fail and not try again until the device does a restart. This is deeply annoying because you then forget the bluetooth connection and then reconnect it far to often to be happy with.

Beyond the aforementioned problem, Make no mistake, CarPlay is nice. Available in most automobile stereos from about 2015 onward, and yet Tesla decided to exclude it by default. It makes me happy to have it in my car again. It just can’t be stated enough that no other mapping app compares to Waze.

The Hanshow cuts the cord, after a medium difficulty install, permitting every Tesla to reap the benefits of wireless CarPlay. Although this ZLink capable device works more or less as advertised, it is slightly glitchy with the bluetooth, and I have considerations about its ability to survive Tesla’s updates.

Tesla’s lack of support for CarPlay saw Polish developer Michał Gapiński create an elaborate workaround, which streams CarPlay into the Tesla’s web browser using a Raspberry Pi and an LTE module. That system looks fine on demo but operates slow.

Full control of Hanshow CarPlay using the Tesla’s steering wheel buttons and the touchscreen is demonstrated in my video, and while the screen could be bigger the system works nice in the Tesla.

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